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DBTC recently purchased a club subscription to “Ride With GPS” (RWGPS) that provides us with tools for creating, storing, managing and using bike routes. A group of Route Managers continues to build our database of bike routes as they become available.  Active DBTC members will soon receive an email with instructions on how to join, and your participation using this benefit is strictly voluntary.

Get set up and ready for those email instructions:
1. Create and register your free RWGPS personal account online at (recommend you use desktop, laptop, tablet, not cellphone).
2. Install the free Ride With GPS App on your Android or iPhone.
--- You're now ready to complete your access to the Club Account after you receive the upcoming email instructions. ---

Find more information on RWGPS at the following two web pages:

Click below for the Crib sheet to create or navigate route:

Crib Sheet - Create Route.txt

Crib Sheet - Navigation.txt




To get on the DBTC email list for updates, cancellations, and impromptu rides and activities that did not get into the newsletter join the Colorado Bicyclist Yahoo Group. Send a blank email to: 

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