Ride Rating System


Pace of Ride Difficulty of Terrain Mileage Quadrant of City Departure Time

ROSES - Leisurely

H1 - Flat

This is an estimate options may be offered NW Arrive early enough to unload your bike and be ready to leave at the time shown.
FUN Comfortable

H2 Small Hills


INT Brisk

H3 Some Climbs

ROAD Fast H4 Serious Climbs SW

ATB- Unpaved Roads

T1 Beginner to T4 Highly skilled riders
P1 to P4 physical conditioning required

MTB Mountain Bikes

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DBTC Meetup group at www.meetup.com/Denver-Bicycle-Touring-Club/ be used to post rides as well. Once you have posted your ride, we will review the ride information to be sure it complies with the club requirements then upload it to the MeetUp web site where you can edit your ride. MeetUp is open to the public and can increase the number of riders on your rides and, hopefully, club members. Rides cannot conflict with the ride schedule. If you have registered with MeetUp, we will post your scheduled rides.
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You can join all four groups. After you send the e-mail requesting to join, you will be contacted via e-mail with a confirmation. If you'd like to post an event, simply go into the site. Remember that only club-related activities can be posted. We reserve the right to cancel any posting we don't think is appropriate.

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If you would like to lead a ride after the schedule is published, you certainly can. Look here.

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