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Current DBTC Board Position









President Helen Berkman720-355-5687president@dbtc.org
Vice President Cyndy Klepinger303-394-4962vicepresident@dbtc.org
Secretary Phil Gee720-319-8087
Treasurer Steve Thomas 303-419-2531 steve.thomas001@yahoo.com
Board Member Riggs Osborne 720-428-2602riggs2000belinda@yahoo.com
Board Member Marilyn Choske303-905-8510mjchoske@gmail.com
Board Member Clark Wilson 303-495-0671 clarkcwilson@gmail.com
Board Member Linda Wheeler 419-973-8282
Board Member Nelson Paler 303-803-8583 n.paler@att.net
Directors and staff
Director of Ride Activities Patty Gaspar 303-618-5069patty@gasparjones.com
Out of Town Tour Director Kathy Stommel719-671-5579OutOfTownTours@dbtc.org
Fun MTB Coordinator Chuck Caldwell
Fun Ride Coordinator North Jeff Krinsky 720-373-9107 jkrinsky2003@yahoo.com
Fun Ride Coordinator South Ellen Fitzpatrick 303-756-2517 ellenfitz4@comcast.net
Road Ride Coordinator OPEN   roadrides@dbtc.org
Intermediate Ride Coordinator Jeff Krinsky 720-373-9107 jkrinsky2003@yahoo.com
Roses Ride CoordinatorLin Hark 303-578-9369 mtnlin08@gmail.com
Weekday Fun Ride Coordinator Patty Gaspar303-618-5069patty@gasparjones.com
Communications Director Kathleen Shelton 303-264-9878 Communications@dbtc.org
Membership Database Jeff Krinsky
720-373-9107 webmaster@dbtc.org
Webmaster Jeff Krinsky
720-373-9107 webmaster@dbtc.org
Map Sales (wholesale) Doug Schuler 303-829-5861 mapsales@dbtc.org
Info@dbtc.org Responder Ellen Chilikas
Photo Gallery Jeff Krinsky 720-373-9107 photogallery@dbtc.org
Guest RelationsMary Stewart
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